From the beginning…

I’m sitting here looking at a brand new, empty blog. How to start? What to say? Well I guess I should start somewhere around the beginning. Oh but how to identify the beginning?

Flash back ten years and you will find me juggling all the loves in my life. I’d be studying at Uni…in fact that wasn’t a love at all but it was something that had to be done…. sitting in the navigator’s seat of a rally car shouting commands and generally bossing folk about (I’m pretty good at that)… hanging out with friends, working on the croft with my Dad…. in truth I didn’t stop. I had an active life. I was always busy.

Flash forward five years and I was in my final year at University. I had always wanted to be an engineer so being within 2 semesters of a Masters in Electrical & Mechanical engineering I was close to achieving that childhood dream.

I met boyfriend (now husband, who will just be referred to as “J” in this blog) in the May of 2006 and was having a great time getting to know him, hanging out with him and his mates and generally falling in love. Corny as it sounds I knew that he was special when I met him….. since then he’s exceeded all previously recorded levels of specialness…. he’s my rock.

Anyway back to the story. In Nov 2006 I started to feel very unwell. I had terrible headaches (like an elephant sitting on my head), a sore neck and was so tired I just slept all the time. I got myself off to the doctors and was told it was just a virus. A few weeks later I returned to be told it was probably viral meningitis and not to worry it would just take a while to go.

Great, the word meningitis in itself terrified me but they assured me that it wasn’t serious. That was the start of it….the start of my illness and the start of many, many frustrating visits to the doctor.

After a few months it became particularly apparent that I wasn’t getting any better. I had somehow sat my January exams (to this day I don’t know how) and was into my final semester of university, but things were getting worse. I was struggling to walk, even a short walk to the end of the road was too much for me. However I am a stupidly stubborn individual so I kept trying to go to University and pretend that everything was normal. In hindsight this probably wasn’t the best idea but after five years of uni there was no way I was letting that degree slip through my fingers.

Well needless to say I couldn’t keep this up. I ended up virtually moving in with J and his flatmates (who were absolutely amazing, thank you Stevo & Fettes) as I couldn’t cope with the stairs to my own flat…or with being by myself. It was then I found myself constantly in bed, I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. On the rare occasion I did it was to eat before going back to sleep.

The doctors decided that hmm perhaps there was more going on than just this virus and after many blood tests I was told I was low in folic acid and that was probably the cause. So I armed myself with folic acid and set about rectifying the situation…….you guessed it, no change!

There was a fear that I may have MS. You see my Mum and my aunt both suffer from this horrible, cruel disease and so I was referred to the hospital. Well I wont bore you with all the details but after all the relevant tests they said that no, thank goodness, I didn’t have MS, but they didn’t know what it was. However they suspected that it was in my head and would refer me to a clinical psychologist.

I’m not quite sure it’s possible to put into words how angry I was….and still am… about that! IN MY HEAD? Are you effing joking?! I can’t walk! I struggle to move my arms, I have weird feelings in all my limbs, hellish headaches, soreness throughout my body, not to forget sleeping all the time and you are telling me that it’s all in my head?

Now I do appreciate that there is a rather large link between body and mind, I’m not denying it. However to be told that this illness was psychological was quite frankly heartbreaking. I knew it wasn’t, why wouldn’t the doctors realise that?

I can still remember that smug bitch’s face as she told me it was probably a reaction to my Mum becoming worse with her MS and that by talking to a psychologist it would be resolved.

I actually wish now I had punched her in the face..not that I could have physically managed it but I swear if I ever see that woman again the least I’ll do is accidentally trip her up with my stick!

So there I was, living in my boyfriend’s bedroom, unable to do anything and knowing that I HAD to finish my degree.

That was when the Prof. came to my rescue. I always call him the Godfather because whatever you asked him for, it was done just like that! He was head of department and a lovely man. I had several meetings with him and it was decided that if I could contribute towards my group project I wouldn’t have to sit my final exams as I already had enough credits to pass.

It was as though the massive elephant that sat on my head has just farted. My head felt lighter….maybe this was all going to be ok?


9 thoughts on “From the beginning…

  1. That is a well written and heartfelt post. I remember having the constant trips to the docs and being told “its viral and it will be ok, but if im not feeling better come back in a few months.”

    Keep the blog going

    • Thanks Robert for taking the time to read and post. I hope you are doing “ok” at the moment. Thanks for the encouragement, I shall do my best. Take care.x

  2. Thank you so much for a massive insight to ME I imagine that was a long long painful few years without a diagnosis and worse being treated so badly, (may that womans hair fall out except one and that have dandruff)
    I need to know more now about now but still back in those days, that was a long journey and I for one want to hear about that too. I know this blog will help all who read it, either because they share this horrible illness, have friends or a family sufferer or who just need some enlightenment.

    • Thank you Jo. Your bit about the woman’s hair made me burst out laughing! Thank you for the lovely comment, if this blog just helps/touches one person I shall be delighted. x

  3. Sounds like you went through hell, so sorry you had to deal with that and an unsupportive doctor. When I started with my aches and pains in my hips and legs, the doc tried to tell me I was depressed when I knew that I wasn’t, and that I was actually in pain. Turns out it was the beginnings of Colitis. They blame so much on mental health! I’m following now and I’m looking forward to reading your updates. xxx

    • Thank you Kay. I’m so sorry that you had to go through such a hard time with your doc too. 😦 Hope that you are keeping ok at the moment and thanks for taking the time to read & comment, much appreciated.x

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