Hope Shines Through

Just a wee post today. I’m not quite sure if it’s going to make any sense as my brain isn’t really working but I felt I wanted to write.

For the past week I have had severe pain. I spent last week in bed and have now progressed to the couch. Dealing with pain can be really tough. I tend to think that I am used to it as I am generally constantly in pain, but every so often it escalates to the point that I have tears in my eyes, painkillers in my stomach and splints on my wrists.

Being in constant pain obviously takes its toll and as a consequence I get extremely tired (even more so than usual). It’s hard to stay positive at times like this but I’m quite pleased with how I’ve coped the last seven days.

One of the things that has really helped me to get through this is a girl called Sam. Sam lives really nearby but we have never met. She has M.E. and runs a local support group – which I am DETERMINED I will get to one day….I was too ill last Wednesday to make it. Sam has a brilliant blog which I urge you all to visit. She has written some great posts and posted some amazing vlogs too.

On Friday Sam did an fantastic thing. Something that gives me so much hope – she RAN with the Olympic torch! Right now I can’t even imagine what it would be like to run a metre, but Sam ran a mile – a WHOLE mile, while carrying the Olympic Torch!

What is particularly amazing about this is that not so long ago Sam was walking with two sticks.

I actually cried when I saw what Sam has achieved – bloody hell I have tears in my eyes right now just thinking about it! At one point Sam was in hospital unable to use her legs….and now she is RUNNING!!

I just find this inspirational. Sam proves that people with M.E. can improve. You can tell from her blog that she is a very determined lady and she has worked hard to get herself where she is right now. It gives me hope.

So as I lie on the couch with pain throughout my body I am thinking of Sam. I’m thinking of the huge achievement of a lady I’ve never met but who has inspired me and given me hope that maybe this wont last forever.


Image from the Sam and Me Facebook Page.



9 thoughts on “Hope Shines Through

  1. Well I had tears in my eyes reading these kind words. Thanks you so much it’s peoples unwavering support that keeps me going

    Thank you thank you thank you


  2. Well done Sam! That is an incredible achievement. You n Rhoda will be jogging partners before you know it. 😀

  3. feeling inspired by you both, just read this to my housemate, who has a Brown-Siccard spinal fracture. He will not run again, but he thought your words gave a lot more than physical support X

  4. I am a friend of Sams and have been for at least 5years. We have been through good and bad times. She is truly an amazing person. Not giving into the M.E. is just typical of Sam . We went to watch her run , yes run with the olympic torch and is was fantastic to see . I felt extreamly proud to know her and proud for her to have achived such an oppertunity. As for all of you who have commented, please take insparation from Sam. And dont think you cant so whatever untill you try. Good luck to you all.

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