I Love Social Media!

I love social media! I find it a great support tool. I’ve “met” lots of fellow M.E. sufferers through Twitter and Facebook. It’s great to have a chat and to know that you are not alone. You can respond in your own time, it’s not like having a conversation and finding your energy drain away. You just respond when you find the energy to do so.

So what has prompted this post? Well I’ve been chatting to Rebekah on and off for a while now. Today she posted about a new treatment she is trying to help her M.E. called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). If you want to check out her blog it’s http://freedomfrommeandfibro.blogspot.co.uk/ .

I had never heard of it before but have been told in the past that I have “lymphatic congestion”. My GP at the time laughed when I told him this….needless to say he isn’t my GP any more. My glands are constantly swollen and sore….could this MLD be a solution?

Within half an hour I was on google finding the nearest therapist and I’m now booked in for the end of the month. Rebekah has found a difference from it and that’s enough for me to give it a go. I’ll be honest with myself,as I have been with all the many other treatments I have tried over the years, and assess if it’s making any difference. The way I see it though it’s worth a shot.

So if you are at home, feeling low, lonely, helpless…if you have that little bit of energy, pop on to social media and chat to folk who are in similar circumstances. It can really help you feel less alone…and you never know you might just find something new to try.

Fingers crossed!

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5 thoughts on “I Love Social Media!

  1. Ooh hoping this is the answer, I love all the ideas of massage and therapies for healing naturally. Must admit I was a bit of a sceptic before what I am about to say.

    Again social networking helped indirectly as I was at a blogging event last year (social networking led me to the PR) while there I booked in for different treatments and decided to go for the relaxing massage. The therapist also did Reiki and while holding her hands over my body, said I had pain in my shoulder and arm and would I mind her treating it. I was amazed as I had said nothing to her about a rotator injury I had been in a great deal of pain with it, not using my arm at all as it was too risky. She did her think,I felt this heat in my shoulder. I finished up,thanked her, never still telling her about the injury. I got on a train home and I actually forgot about the pain,then realised by the next morning it had receded. I tried using my arm to lift myself off the settee, any weight bearingalways meant agony and it just did not happen. 6 months on ,still no pain at all.

    I truly hope this is the answer or one of them Rhoda. I feel happy that you may get some relief.!!

  2. Really hope this works for you, I am a big believer in trying anything possible that may help. I have not heard of this before so will have to do a bit of research for a friend who struggles daily with ME. I’ll keep everything crossed for you xx

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