Speechless (almost)

This morning I got a phonecall, I phonecall that reduced me to tears….but in a nice way.

My best friend from school, Kim, who I haven’t seen for years (literally), phoned to tell me she had just finished the London 10k. She was standing outside Buckingham Palace in the 30 degree heat having just run 10k in less than an hour – absolutely amazing!

That fact alone brought tears to my eyes but what really made those tears roll was the fact that Kim ran the 10k today to raise money for the ME Association.

It’s quite hard to explain how much that means to me. Our friend Fraser ran in Washington DC last year to raise money for the same charity and the fact that these two lovely people have put themselves through so much to support not only me but everyone with M.E. leaves me speechless.

I quite simply can’t imagine running 10k….I can’t imagine running 10m. In fact I sit and watch sport on the tv and just watching it exhausts me, but when I think about people actually running about for 90 minutes on a football pitch it blows my mind. I’m not sure if that’s a feeling that “normal” people get too, is it?

I have huge admiration for anyone who can run 10k, particularly in the 30 deg heat, and in such a great time. The fact that Kim chose me and M.E. as her inspiration is just quite incredible.

M.E. can be a very lonely illness and as you are lying in bed you often feel like everyone else is carrying on without you. For someone to ask if they can run a race for you it reminds you that you still have friends, you still have people that care about you, you still have people who support you and want you to recover, you still have people that love you.

Thank you Kim for taking the time, effort and energy to support me and remind me that people really do care. I’m so grateful, so blown away, almost speechless. Thank you.

If you would like to sponsor Kim and make a donation to the ME Association please visit Kim’s Just Giving Page.