M.E. Awareness Day

Sorry I’ve been so quiet of late. The past few months have had highs and lows, with new treatments tested, horrible levels of pain and the usual fatigue. However they have also included a week away with hubby that was just brilliant and that I wouldn’t have thought would be possible.

I wanted to post this yesterday but couldn’t so I’m sorry it’s a day late. Yesterday was International M.E. Awareness Day – I hope you saw some tweets or Facebook comments about it!

Please take a couple of minutes to help raise awareness of M.E., whether it be a tweet, a Facebook comment, an email, or good old chatting to friends.

If you feel you’d like to do more for M.E. and M.E. research there are various fundraising ideas here …. you could do a Dressing Gown Day at work, school or uni?

Whatever you choose to do, however you spread the word, THANK YOU!!!

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I hope to get back to posting more frequently again soon. I’m battling with my mood again but I am doing all the effective things I’ve learned from the CP to help me through. 🙂 x